Strandedhelp is a mobile application developed for use worldwide.  The app is available for download on IOS and Android.  This application is almost complete in development process.
Strandedhelp connects service professionals with people who are broke down.  The service requests the app offers are Emergency Oil Change, Flat Tire or Blow Out, New Tire Installation, Jump Start Battery, New Battery installation, Lockout, Out of Gas, Overheating and Towing.  We are trying to raise funds to market the app so that people who are broke down can use the app without the worry of being robbed or kidnapped, or just stuck without a way because they were stranded in a remote area.  The app uses location tracking so the user can be found anywhere they are stuck.  It also gives the user the ability to choose service based on distance or price of service.  During these times many people are struggling to make ends meet and most are cutting back on monthly expenses.  The person who is stranded can download and use the app free with no monthly fees.
The app could also help boost the struggling service providers by directing business to them.  
I personally have had to purchase a brand new tire when I only needed the flat plugged, because I was 3 blocks from a Tire company that would not come to me.  This is what brought the app idea to mind, creating a stronger level of service to people who need it!