As we overspend and overindulge this time of year I would ask that you consider a donation to Pastor Reuben and the over 50 orphans at the Kale Christian Children's Orphanage in Burma. Stephanie and I will match all donations, which can be made directly to me. Even $5 helps buy food. The Orphanage is in particular need this year as they are in complete lockdown and there is no employment right now to help pay for food. Pastor Reuben has been issued a Card, face shield and mask and is allowed to leave the orphanage 1-2 times a week for necessities. The children subsist on large bags of rice mixed with some vegetables they grow in a garden. It would be nice to provide them with a small amount of meat to celebrate Christmas dinner, which would literally be a once a year meal for them. Anything you can give helps!!!  Matthew 25:42-45.