ACS is Running4Bibles! 

Every year, ACS Runs4Bibles across Year 0-8. This year, we intend to do the same, although slightly different as we're doing it online! 

A little about Run4Bibles ...
"Since 2009, and with the support of thousands of students across Australia and New Zealand, we have seen more than 300,000 students in South African public schools receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Many of these students are individuals with their own history of pain, rejection and hurt, such as  Nomblemu whose mother destroyed her Bible, Irene who felt helpless and alone, Steven who was abandoned by his father or Nell who felt worthless after being orphaned.
Many of these students have brought other family members to faith and still others have used the resources they learned from to begin outreaches in their wider communities.

Students in South African public schools are so desperate to read the Bible that one of our Coordinators in the school told us a story of how a student had ‘stolen’ a Bible from her classroom! These students have heard and responded to the challenge Jesus laid out in John 14:12. These students have been given the opportunity to say, ‘I will be greater’."

This year, Year 0-8 ACS pupils will taking part in a challenging cross-country run to raise money to get as many Bibles and Biblical resources into these communities as possible so that the good news of Jesus Christ can be shared and spread. 
It takes $7 to provide a complete pack (a Bible with a learning resource), but any amount will go a long way in transforming the lives of many in South Africa.
As a school we come together as a family of believers to make a difference, and so, we will be holding a cross-country Run4Bibles afternoon towards the end of Term 2. This is where all pupils will complete their distance and run for the Bible! If you are able and willing to give, we appreciate and are thankful for your support. 

In Christ, 
ACS Community