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I need to find a place to live for me & Bully ASAP.
I I have had a Bully, my dog, for 41/2 years, since he was 5 weeks old.
We've never been apart.
If if I do not find a place soon for us I will have to give him up.
And that is breaking my heart and I know it would break his. I'm his mother. He's always by my side. You have such a good loyal boy, and this is killing me the thought of being away from him.
I do not have family here. I have nobody but bully. And I'm all he has.
Please help us stay together


Update #1
July 11, 2020
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I had to give my Bully Brat away, I  was limited on places I could stay, so my ex  Boyfriend let me go stay with him, He ended up being extremely abusive and beat me up pretty bad.
 I genuinely needed help, I asked and no one helped me.
 I Have my faith, no matter where I'm at. I miss my bully Brat so much.  It breaks my heart.
 This is my update.
 I'm not asking for money anymore.
 I will find my own way.
 God has a reason for me to  Live this particular life, And I will live it until he calls me home
 I found out that my cancer is back it has spread to my liver. I cannot make all my doctor's appointments, It's hard to get to them when I don't have a place to live and my ex boyfriend Sabotaged my car the motor is now froze up and I had to junk it.
 I keep telling myself this is a test. And I pray several times a day.
 I've never been in a situation like this, But I am positive that my Lord and savior is with me everyday.
 Jesus one not abandon me. And I pray that 1 day I will be in a position to help somebodyTo reach out should be a Christian the way our Lord expects me to be.  The way he wasWhen he walked among us. That way he tells us to be and The Bible. I want  To help victims of abuse, Women the have nowhere to go and nobody to help them. I want to be there for them when nobody else will step up and help a stranger. I want to be Christ like the way our Lord says to be. Thank you Lord for not leaving me.


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