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After much thought and prayer, I'm excited to share that I will be joining Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Wollongong, Australia for DTS! YWAM is a missions organization with locations around the world, with the vision "to know God and make him known". DTS or Discipleship Training School is a 6 month full-time program. There are two parts to DTS,a lecture phase and an outreach phase. For the first 3 months, I will have classroom lectures 7 days a week where I will learn about God from different speakers. Some topics I will be learning about are hearing God's voice, the characteristics and role of the Holy Spirit, a biblical worldview, and more. For the last 2-3 months, the outreach phase, I will travel to other countries where I will have chances to apply what I have learned. This involves serving the local community and feeling God move in my heart. I will have the opportunity to experience different cultures and express my love for Jesus.

The specific focus during my DTS is called Emerge. This focuses on discovering my God-given purpose and what He is calling me to do. I will be able to focus on my personal development and build my relationship with God.

I would first like to ask that you consider supporting me in my mission through prayer. Prayers for safe travels, the ability to focus in and listen to God's voice, and faith that He will provide for me. 

If you feel led to I would also ask that you consider supporting me financially. The cost of a trip like this is not cheap. With airfare, tuition, and food, the price adds up. The total amount of this whole trip will cost around $10,000 USD. All money donated will be going directly to the costs of the trip.

If you want to know more about specifically where I am going or want to learn more about what YWAM or DTS is, I will provide links to read more about it:

What exactly is YWAM?
What is DTS?
What is Emerge DTS?
What is the mission of YWAM Wollongong?

Your support and prayers are much appreciated!

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Campaign Created by:
Phoebe Cook Berkeley Heights, NJ Follow

$250 of $10,000

3 % Complete 2 donation(s)
289 day(s) left

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