I'm a Christian music artist that has a passion for the people that are dealing with the nightmare of  this terrible epedemic called methamphetamine.we are losing people all the time to prison or death .I wrote and recorded the song meth to mercy and I want to expand my ministry to reach everyone possible.i want to be able to minister to them and show them that the God I serve can and will break this chain of them..here is my goal..I want to finish my CD of original songs and I need a small trailer .I also need a sound system to take with me to services. I want to be able to go into the inner city in Oklahoma and anywhere the Lord leads and bring the message of mercy and tell them there is hope..if one life is spared it was worth it..I'm tired of seeing the heartbreak and I don't want to attend another funeral..won't you help me with this calling on my life..this drug almost destroyed me,and it is a demon that is tearing families apart..