Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

I am raising money for a two-fold reason. One, is to help pay my emergency vet bills and ensure that the wonderful vets who saved the life of my cat from a horrible accident can continue to do what they do and I can have a clear conscience that I have honored my commitment to them. 
The second reason is because of this accident, I also was out of work and fell behind on my rent. My landlady, may God give her all the blessings, has been so kind to not evict me despite being 3 months behind, knowing what my situation was. I would like to get back in good standing with her so she is able to repair the floor of my house properly.
The accident was a result of a beam giving way under my house and my cat and I not quite falling through but it caused the floor to concave from the wall. Foolishly, I did not have renters insurance. While many will say it is the fault of my landlady, we have reports showing that the house was considered sound at the time of my renting it. It was a freak accident. 

God give blessings to those who have made it this far. If you can help with a donation, may it be returned to you and your family tenfold in abundance and blessing.