my beautiful daughter Tiffany passed away July 20th 2019 unexpectedly she was a beautiful young lady who is loving caring very generous she would do anything to help anybody you never expect for a parent to have to bury their child but unfortunately as her mother I have to bury my child and I need help giving her what she deserves and that is a memorial and a celebration of life for her she was an organ donor and was able to save 4 desperate lives who are dying unless they had kidneys liver and lungs that was a beautiful thing that my daughter did she is my guardian angel I miss her so much I am absolutely devastated over her death you never think something like this can happen to you but it did and we are all devastated friends and family and everybody that love Tiffany I am a single mother I live on a fixed income which is SSI because I am disabled I have no money to give my daughter what she needs and that's the proper burial Memorial and celebration of life that she needs and deserves every little bit helps please find it in your heart to help me get Tiffany laid to rest so our family can have closure and she can be at peace thank you for listening and thank you for donating and helping me bury my daughter