My mom is young. Shes 40. Shes recently got really sick allowing her to not work for almost a month. Going from hospital to hospital and doctors to doctors we still have no answers. All we know is its affecting her liver and spleen and she has a procedure tomorrow. Her whole stomach liver and spleen are retaining water making it so shes gaining excessive weight. After this appointment we will know how bad it really is. 
she's run out of pto at work and we just need to get her house payment paid. I have managed to help with food in her house for my brother, pay her car bill and unilities. We are already a little over a week behind on the payment. And im worried with all these health issues she will lose her home and everything shes done to build her life.  I have no more to give due to being a mommy of 2. Hoping our christian faith will save this incredible woman some stress.
Even paryers would be appreciated at this time.