Hey , First I just want to thank you for taking this time.

I am a single mother of two  who had come from a rough background to say the least. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers (all half siblings except one of each) now 2 of my brothers have passed away and my last living brother Is in Arizona. He called me about 2 months ago explaining that he has been battling cancer for the last 8 months and Doctors predicted 5 years. Since then ,mentally he has given up as well as spiritually. 

I received a phone call a week and a half ago from a very scared baby brother who refuses to come home. I really can't blame him he moved across the country because he feels the same way I do by our family and I live 6 blocks away. 

his last appointment we found out he took a turn for the worst and the doctors say lucky a  year. He has brain and throat cancer  and has trouble remembering things past 2 day. 
my original plan was to move down after taxes because relocating 2 children and myself across the country is not cheap or easy. 
after talking with his girlfriend my goal is to get to him before October ends.
I don't have a vehicle  so my plan is to rent a uhaul and drive down and with gas and travel expenses ...... yeah definitely need a miracle.

Thank you