My name is Kimberly VanTassel and I am trying to raise funds to help friends of mine who live in Pakistan. I got to know this Christian family through thier missionary work they were doing in Thailand several years ago. They returned to Pakistan to have their little daughter and have not been able to go back to the mission field. Since returning to Pakistan this family has been having problems finding work due to the fact that they are Christians. Also they have been experiencing  more   incidents of persecution and have recently had several  very hostile and frightening experiences and are very frightened for the well being of their little daughter. They are trying to get the funds to emigrate out of Pakistan and find a place of refugue.  This process will require funding for visa fees, travel, and other living expenses to help the family to escape to a new welcoming place of asylum they are hoping to find refugue in a peaceful and welcoming nation. Due to US policies concerning immagration from Pakistan we were unable to help the family come to the USA. The following is an open letter from the mother of this Pakistani Christian family telling her story in her own words: 

Blessing! My name is Tabassum Qureshi .It is my pleasure to share our story with you. I belong to a Muslim convert family. My father Mr Qureshi and my mom became Christian a long time ago. I am the youngest of my family. They were so blessed to have Jesus in their lives. We saw them living for Jesus. As you know the persecution for such families is must. We had all kinds of persecution since childhood but experienced Jesus protecting us. I got married with a believer Mr Gill. He is an Evangelist.We had very difficult situation so left Pakistan lived in Thailand for almost five years. Served Jesus there experienced lots of salvation in Thai people’s lives. Spent our own money. We had gone through prison too.We went back to Pakistan two years ago

Now we have a daughter now. She is very precious to us.We are experiencing lots of troubles again
We faced life threatening situations twice in last two week. We are very comcerned about the security of our daughter.

Now we want to leave this place because of insecurity. Our daughter is one year and eight months old now. Believing for God’s goodness once again . Our lives are for His glory. We had been proclaiming about Jesus in everywhere we were.

(Due to concerns that harm might come to their little daughter by those who have been harassing this family they have asked us  not to  post any pictures of their little girl.)