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It's a sign of the times. Every day on my commute to and from work I can't help but notice the plethora of billboards advertising various products and services. Day in and day out I see the same messages telling people what they "need". It occurred to me the other day that a billboard is a prime location to share God's word because what everyone actually "needs" is Jesus. He has put it on my heart to try and make this happen but I do need a little help. Okay, let's be honest... I need a lot of help!

I've scraped together what I can but have found through my research that a billboard is not cheap. Still, I will persevere! I live in a city riddled with violence and drugs. So many people are hurting right now that would benefit from experiencing the Truth. If you can help me with my goal I would be forever grateful!

MY GOAL is to get one large billboard up near the interstate for one month. God willing, I will have the funds to extend this much longer and in turn reach many more people.

Update #2
October 17, 2019, 10:59 pm

Just wanted to update everyone - the first four billboards are up! It's a wonderful feeling.

Over the next month, the remaining four will be posted.

One of the billboards is pictured below in its "natural environment". If you click on the GALLERY tab of my home page, you will be able to see each billboard in much greater detail.

Thanks again to those of you who donated and helped me to realize that this project was possible!

Update #1
September 10, 2019, 5:55 pm


It has been three weeks since my campaign posted and I am excited to finally bring you an update!

First and foremost I want to THANK those of you who were able to donate! In the end I was able to figure some things out and pull from my own resources to make up the difference. God called me to do this and I WILL NOT FAIL.

This project has been nothing short of a part-time job with the amount of research and work it takes. I’m learning a lot.

After making inquiries through many different companies and reviewing my options, I was finally able to put together a plan.

My initial thought was to post one billboard on the freeway but it was very limiting (lots of money, one message). Then I found the alternative of posting smaller billboards in-town. What is great about this option is that I can post different messages across different areas. The best part is that I was able to find an AWESOME solution that exceeded the expectations of my original goal!

Projected outcome? 8 Billboards, featuring 8 different verses within 6 diverse areas of town (1.26 million impressions!) – staggered from early October through early December! SO exciting.

I uploaded final artwork yesterday and made the final payment today. Now I wait.

STAY TUNED (more updates to come)!

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Greta Hellums Stockton, CA Follow

$200 of $1,500

13 % Complete 3 donation(s)

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