Hi beautiful people,

My amazing, incredible, kind and loving wife has been suffering for quite some time now because of a temporary dental implant that was put in 3 years ago.  Despite working 2 jobs 7 days a week we’ve not been able to catch up enough to afford the other half of the dental surgery necessary to put the permanent tooth in her mouth.  Over the last 8 months she’s been battling a chronic infection that we’ve managed to keep under control with prayer and natural healing via herbs and diet however it’s just become overwhelming as much of her daily focus is spent making sure her mouth is okay and doesn’t lead to further infection which could prove life threatening if we don’t keep it under wraps.  She’s started regressing to just a liquid diet to make sure no food particles get into the wound site.

We are God loving people with love and compassion in our hearts and I’ve come upon this site as an answer to prayer.  I work a commission sales job during the days and a service job in the morning and evenings to support our family.  We have nowhere else to turn at this point and my wife is beginning to feel hopeless over her situation.  We’d be willing to pay back or donate in kind any money that comes our way to help get her the dental surgery she needs so she no longer has an open wound in her mouth.

Thank you for listening to our story.


Andrew & Layla