Please help the love ones hurt by today's tragedy.  You donation will help the families who need support after one of their loved ones were shot and killed or injured.  The families who lost a member who bring in wages to support their families. Families who will need help by the means of counseling. The money will bless the individual's in this desperate and priceless tragedy.  Any amount will be appreciated.  If you can not give at this time please keep everyone involved in your thoughts.  Twenty people's will be buried in our community.  Twenty nine injured will need your support to find a way back to a normal life.  Donations will help pay medical care and needs for each family affect today.  Your generous spirit will give some relief for families that will be needing time off working out to find a way back to a life forever change by one man's selfish actions.  Thank you for caring and sharing whatever you can.  One hundred percent of the donations will be divided between the people directly affected.   Please do not go to bed tonight without hugging or calling you loved ones.