With less than 1% Christians in Bulgaria, and Bulgaria being the poorest country in the European Union (average income of $400 USD/month), there is a huge mission field. Cornerstone Foundation is the only Business as a Mission organization, succefully training and funding Christians in the creation of businesses that will have Kingdom Impact for Christ; Our purpose is to motivate current and future entrepreneurs to run their business through Christian principles of ethical values and morals and conduct all their business relationships based on integrity and love. The intended outcome of this missionary effort in the Business Ministry is that many people will be brought to Jesus.
achieve our goals by offering practical business trainings, seminars, lectures on the theory and methodology of management, applying values and ethics in business and clarifying the Christian role of business leadership to improve not only church, but the whole community life. For participants who successfully complete business planning research and present a credible business plan, Cornerstone offers consultation to secure loans to help launch the Kingdom businesses.

You Can Participate

We seek American business professionals as volunteers to teach, coach and mentor the aspiring Bulgarian entrepreneurs. These volunteers self-fund their travel to Bulgaria. If you would like information on being on a short term team as a trainer, please contact us.

We Need Funding

To offer this Christian training and start-up funding to potential businesses we must ensure that we can provide funds to:

a. Operate the Business Ministry

b. Provide training materials and programs

c. Provide startup loans.

d. Allow devoted local Christian business consultants to offer free business counseling to business owners to help them strengthen their relationship with God.