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Ariel is a Nigerian mother who is a victim of sex trafficking and slavery. She left Nigeria in hopes to make enough money to take her daughter from Nigeria and move to the U.S.
Ariel was promised a job as a sales executive.  When she arrived in Dubai she was forced to work as a prostitute in order to repay all her debts owed for all the costs to get her there and so much more!

Ariel is a Christian. She & her family are persecuted in Nigeria for being Christian. Her father died so now her mother and family are living in poverty. Muslims seized her Father's land, her family's home and all their possessions, even clothes!

Ariel just wanted a better life for her daughter & her family. She thought she could save them from the atrocities in Nigeria. Now she is even more of a victim! She is entrapped in modern day slavery!

Ariel cannot leave Dubai because she was unable to renew her visitors visa before it expired. Now she owes the Dubai Government THOUSANDS of dollars and the fine increases 100AED every day!

Will you help me rescue this woman from Sex trafficking and Slavery? With your help I can pay her fines to the Dubai government, buy her a plane ticket home to her daughter & family in Nigeria and pay for her plantickets & Visas to the U.S.

The U.S. Immigration won't allow anyone to even visit the U.S. unless they are financially stable and have enough money to return home.
The U.S. Immigration will not allow anyone to come to the U.S. if they intend to stay.
A refugee can only ask for asylum if they are on U.S. soil. As you know the Immigration system is broken, and the process to get asylum in the U.S. is almost impossible.

I have reached out to MANY  NGO/nonprofit organizations & even to the state department for help and NONE were able to help! The U.S. embassies & consulates didn't even respond.
I have researched and read everything I can to find a way to help! I have prayed about this and I am still praying for Ariel & her family. I have contemplated & deliberated whether this is the right thing to do. Whether this is safe for me. Ariel is not a schemer or a scammer. She is not trying to take people's money. Ariel just wants a better life free of slavery. She is terrified that I am trying to traffic her to the U.S. as a sex slave! She is broken and hurt. She can't trust anyone.
I believe this is the best way that we can help Ariel & her family. With your help & God's grace & divine providence I will sponsor Ariel and help her out of slavery and into a better life!

My hope is to get Ariel a visitor Visa to the U.S. and help her apply for admission to a university. Once she is accepted then she can remain in the U.S. on a Student Visa for 2 years and can extend for additional years of studies. Ariel can bring her daughter with her to the U.S. once she has a student visa. She can begin working part time at the university once she is accepted. After the 1st year she can work off campus.
Once her schooling is completed she can apply for a permanent visa in the United States.

Please consider in your heart to help free Ariel from slavery and persecution. Can you give a little to help Ariel have a better life?

Thank you and God bless you.

Jake Grandpre

Semper Fidelis

Elizabeth Roberts

2019-07-16 20:40:08

We are praying for you and your daughter, Ariel! May the Holy Spirit cover you, protect you, keep you, and deliver you from the hands of evil men and women.

Update #1
July 16, 2019, 8:53 am

Something very bad has happened! Ariel was attacked by an evil man who broke into her new room, assaulted her, tried to rape her and kill her! She is alive but she has bruises on her face & body and damge to her left eye.
Ariel fought of the man and he finally left but said he would return .
She is very afraid and has no where safe to go! She is afraid to go to the police because they will arrest her for prostitution & having an expired visa. I asked her to go to a Christian church in Dubai for sanctuary. 
please pray hard for her safety!

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Campaign Created by:
Jacob Grandpre Follow

$660 of $10,000

7 % Complete 2 donation(s)

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Elizabeth Roberts

90 days ago

We are praying for you and your daughter, Ariel! May the Holy Spirit cover you, protect you, keep you, and deliver you from the hands of evil men and women.



95 days ago

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