Hello everyone! Because of your support and of people like you, we have been able to start a children's school in Bangladesh, fund the spreading of the Gospel into unreached villiages through missionary support, Jesus films and Bible distribution, and we have helped many people who are sick through prayer and through medical support.

Right now I am asking you to partner with us and the vision that God has for Bangladesh. I hope that you can see the fruit that God has brought from this ministry so far and allow that to encourage you to prayerfully give towards strengthening and expanding this ministry. Here is a list of things that could be accomplished in the next eight months with your support.

1. Our school would continue to grow and the children would be able to receive better supplies, teaching and Christian instruction. Right now we have 42 children and most of them are Hindu. With more resources we would be able to better teach these kids about the love of the one true God and we would also be able to provide some classes for their parents which would hopesfully help to lead them into salvation.

2. A very crucial need for us right now is a recurring budget for us to send pastors into unreached villliages so that they can share the Gospel, distribute Bibles and work towards planting a new church in the area. It costs around $20 everytime that we show a Jesus film and preach the Gospel to a village of believers. This is an extremely low cost when you consider the impact, but to do this multiple times a month, the costs adds up.

3. We currently provide monthly support for a pastor that oversees all of our mission operations and works on expanding the ministry and raising up new pastors. The cost that is needed to keep him at full time is $200 and the programs and travel costs for him are around $100. He is an integral part of the success of this ministry, without him we would be unable to function. What is important now is that we can add around $100 a month to this budget so that he can take young adults and youth with him as he does ministry so that they can be trained and can have a pathway towards ministry. As we get more funds, we would like to also bring another full-time pastor onto our team in order to help bear the ministry load and to focus on expanding into other villiages. This would cost us about $200 monthly.

4. I will be ministering in Bangladesh with my ministry partner Mike this coming Fall or early Spring. The date depends on when we can secure enough funding. We will be conducting a crusade that will reach hundreds of Hindu people. After this we will have a pastor's conference that will help us to mobilize local missionaries to help plant churches in the surrounding unreached villiages. During this time here, we will be able to strengthen our current ministries and inspire and motivate the local people and come along side them as we work more closely together to reach the lost and help the poor.

I pray that you consider giving towards this ministry. Your money truely goes extremely far in spreading the Gospel in Bangladesh. Less than one percent of the population of Bangladesh is Christian and with your help we can change that. If you can I ask that you would consider giving monthly support. This helps us to know what money we have coming in so that we can better plan and support our existing ministries.

God bless you all and thank you so much!