My family needs help

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DrI’m a mom desperately needing help!I’ve just now started a good job after healing from a emergency hysterectomy surgery.I have been blessed with 3 amazing kids from 2-7 years old who barely have any food and now we’re all on the verge of being evicted.I have tried for several loans and been denied on all of them and I don’t start my good job til Tuesday.I desperately don’t want my kids to fall homeless and have tried every option I’ve had and failed.I need $800 to get all my bills caught up and a little food on the table.God has already blessed us so much but I was down for too long to get caught up.The money will be for remaining rent and electric with $40 for food.Ive applied for food stamps but will most likely be denied as I start my new not one to ask for help but I'm struggling to bounce back right away and really need some help as well as all the prayers i can get.I strongly believe in paying it forward so any help I receive will be paid forward as soon as I can!thank you for reading my story and God bless

Did manage to get a loan of $190.prayers are working now only need $610 by Monday


Update #2
June 21, 2019
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Received a donation now just need $475

Update #1
June 19, 2019
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Now only need $610 did get approved for a small loan for $200


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