Hello, my Name is Kevin Currie,


                I am the Director of the Wilkinsburg Wolverines Pathfinder Ministry.  Pathfinder is an international Ministry that originated in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and has been part of that church since 1950.  Even though this ministry is similar to scouting it offers a deeper spiritual component, pathfinders is also a global ministry having an impact on young people all around the world.

                Locally we are based out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Wilkinsburg Pa., our club has had a long and exciting history in our church.  We are now seeking to take our young people to one of the largest international events of its kind in the world; the “International Pathfinder Camporee” in Oshkosh Wisconsin, August 12 – 17 2019. Please check out the web site https://www.camporee.org/.  One of the places you should examine is the promotional videos section of this web site.

                We are seeking to raise $3,000.00 to help with costs and to purchase the supplies that will be needed for this event.  We are planning to continue to collect all the way up to the 1rst of August so any amount you give we be helpful and appreciated.  We will also use these funds to help operate this ministry.  To put this in prospective; if we get 150 donations at $20.00 each, we could reach our goal, this is our goal but any donation would be welcome.  Thank you.



Kevin Currie


Pathfinder Director