Hi my name is Amy, i am a disabled mom caring for my adult son who suffers from asbergers and type 1 diabetes. We have lived in the same modest apt. happily and quietly for 9 years. Last month the sons of my landlord/friend (after his passing) sold the small complex to a big multi million dollar corporation who in turn sent us letters stating they were raising our rent from $1075- which I've always paid on time to $1595- plus $50- for each of us for water/sewer monthly. I am terrified that i will loose our housing before i am able to find us something less expensive. There is such a crisis of people being homeless for many different reasons and it has always broken my heart. Now the fear is increased 10 fold to think i and my son may be homeless too. I am actively looking for a cheaper apt but this new Co. wants us to sign a 12 montth lease if were not out by the first. So if anything please pray for us? Thankyou and God bless