Hello, my husband Omar Henderson was at work in Minneapolis, Minnesota working as a field engineer..He was having chest pain and his friend convinced him to go to the ER at Fairview hospital in Minneapolis. While in the ER he discovered he had a heart attack his blood pressure was 212/150; they kept him to try to get his blood pressure under control and after about a week and a half he had a stroke and stay there for another 2 weeks! Very Very expensive! We live in Swartz creek  right outside of Flint Michigan, so I then had to figure out how to get him back home to continue acute care. Which was also expensive which God open a door  for  him to get hone... Now that he is home...there are Bill's Bill's Bill's, I'm currently not working but is looking for a job now my husband was the main care provider which he was a  private contractor with no work related benefits! I travel to Detroit every day and sometimes stay there at the hospital to save on gas a money! It's hard to find work while trying to take care of my husband as well...I pray that I can find some financial relief! AGAPE