I am so excited!!! For years I've wanted to go on an over-seas mission trip. Now that dream is coming true! On June 1-11th I am traveling to Rome & Bulgaria with Global Celebration! It's a mission organization that focuses on sharing God's love with people and meeting practical needs - especially for impoverished and overlooked people groups.

My first couple of days will be spent in Rome where we will be trained and build team unity. Then we will spend the majority of the trip in Bulgaria, where Global Celebration has a relationship with a Roma/gypsy community of 8-10,000 people. The Roma/gypsy people are an impoverished minority group within Bulgaria, and our goal is to show love to them. We will be be giving food away, praying for healing for the sick, and sharing the gospel.

Global Celebration ministry has gone on mission trips to this area for many years and developed a relationship with a gypsy community. They consistently love the same group of people - they are partnering with local people to break the oppression the gypsies experience. And there is a climate of faith for the miraculous! In previous trips as this team has ministered in Bulgaria, they have seen deaf ears open, lame people walk, and other similar miracles. This is something I'm excited to experience and I want to bring what I encounter back home with me!!

THANK YOU so much for partnering with me!