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An audio message from Jenna Syptak:  

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Dear friends, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ,

I urge you to take a moment and read this post. I ask that you do not share this post to respect the privacy of my friend Moses. I have only shared this with my best of friends, whom I trust.

About a month ago, part of our family had their meeting place get severely damaged in a storm. Praise the Lord no one was hurt, that Jesus protected them, but the physical building itself needs to be rebuilt. I am asking, will you partner with me in helping out our brothers and sisters?

This passionate, rapidly growing church started almost 3 years ago in a very dark region in Uganda. The village is named Kotolo, which directly translates to “manslaughter” in the local language. The area is known for a history of witchcraft, yet Jesus had much greater plans for Kotolo. Jesus is working there, redeeming, freeing, and restoring hearts. Since the start of the church, they have gathered every single night to worship Jesus, and many people have been delivered, healed, and saved! 

Last year, our outreach team (through YWAM) had the privilege to meet these incredible followers of Christ in Kotolo. They are full of joy and love. They have seen the darkness, they have experienced pain, but when they became followers of Christ, His light in them shone brightly! We came in an effort to serve them, and encourage them, but I am convinced they served and encouraged us far more. Their servant hearts for Jesus are evident. I have the privilege of visiting Kotolo again this summer, and will send updates of how they are doing.

Since there are no churches nearby for them to worship with, they will now gather outside temporarily. But how amazing would it be to partner with them to build a new, and stronger meeting place? Just because many miles separate may separate the extended family, we are all one in Christ. We must help our brothers and sisters when we can.

Though their building collapsed in a storm, I know that God will provide what they need. They have not asked me to raise money or anything, but God has put it on my heart to invite you to give. How amazing would it be if you got to be part in answering their prayers!? Helping partner with our brothers and sisters who are doing such good work for God’s glory. Every little bit counts. Of course a lot counts as well, but if it’s $5 that you are able to give right now, that’s better than none.

The witchdoctors and Muslims in the area around Kotolo are happy that Kotolo’s church building fell. When Jesus died the people who didn’t believe in Him were also happy. But spoiler alert--- on the third day Jesus came back to life! This church is not dead, they are alive in Christ! God is taking this broken building, this broken situation, and will use it to bring glory and create a testimony of redemption. Your prayers and donations will help build up this church to be even stronger! This church is on fire for God, and with your help they will continue bringing many souls to Jesus. 

Will you take part with me in this redemption story God is writing? I will be collecting the funds and sending it directly to my contact in Uganda- Moses Namisi.

You are more than welcome to message me if you have any questions or concerns about this.



Tammy Worlock

2019-08-26 04:31:38

We are praying you will meet your goal for your church!

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Jenna Syptak Toronto Follow

Can$240 of Can$2,500

10 % Complete 3 donation(s)

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We are praying you will meet your goal for your church!


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