Hello My name is Joseph, on August 10, of this year my Church will be going on a mission to Guatemala to help those in need, with food clothing or maybe just sitting down with them and have a conversation. We are very fortunate that we live in a country that we live in. I know this has always been my calling, to help those in need. I thought that my disability was going to hold me back on being able to go on a Mission trip. I am a dialysis patient but thanks to our lord he put these wonderful medical companies allowing them to be able and come up with a in home dialysis device. To give me the freedom I need and the comfort to live and continue to help those in need. Please help me raise this money so that I can be able to in bark on this journey and to also bring the gospel to those who have not heard the powerful word of our Lord Jesus. Thank you in advance. And remember every penny counts. May God Bless you in  abundance!