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Greetings and best wishes to every Individual or organization that has taken time away from your busy schedule to read and Lord willing to participate in our effort to raise and generate proceeds in an effort to reach our goal for a very meaningful and life changing cause.
My name is Mary Nelson and I am 80 years of age and I am writing this article and created our Give Send Go campaign on behalf of my dear husband of 58 years who is suffering from melanoma cancer. His name is Emil Nelson.
My husband is a veteran of the American Armed Forces that completed his commitment with an honorable discharge. He began his career in the oil industry with Standard Oil now better known as Chevron. He started in an entry level position and gradually through hard work and dedication worked his way up the ranks to a position as facility manager supervising all operational machinery at the Chevron Oil Refinery located in El Segundo California.
One of his primary responsibilities was the clean-up of oil spills large and small not only in the US but world wide. He retired after 38 years of exemplary conduct and dedication to whatever occupation he was assigned to.
His responsibility coordinating oil spill clean-up was always considered an emergency which potentially impacted both marine and land wild life which included  but was not  limited to Emil leading  his  team to be the first to  introduce dawn soap now called "Ducky Dawn" to all the bird species in the ocean and on the beach . This action had an immediate effect on clean oceans free of any toxic chemicals.
According to the medical professionals that have treated Emil, it was through his years of exposure to the sun and out side elements while spending years out on the water  conducting clean-ups that contributed to him contracting cranial melanoma cancer. Consequently he was given one option in order to possibly prolong what was initially considered to be a potential death sentence, and that was to undergo major cranial surgery. This required the complete removal of his scalp which I have included pictures for your review.
With all the medical costs associated with such an extensive surgery and the removal of all the melanoma we have exhausted every dollar of our retirement savings and struggle from month to month. The doctors here in Tennessee where we now  reside have confirmed that the melanoma has resurfaced in Emil's upper torso area.  The continued Copays and expense of all medications required have made it almost to survive.
We are asking for your help in helping us relocate back to California or Arizona where my husband can receive the care required in order to treat his melanoma and help us pay for the medical costs associated with his condition.
We have always managed to be self sufficient and have never been in a position to reach and ask for help. Unfortunately we are no longer in that position and are asking for any assistance that you can provide us with. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your prayers and contributions.  Again thank you and God bless you all .
Mary Martin Nelson
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Amber Purcell

2019-04-05 22:50:15


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Campaign Created by:
Mary Nelson Atoka, TN Follow

$140 of $250,000

0 % Complete 5 donation(s)

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