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Where am I going and with whom?
I am going on a short-term mission’s trip to Estonia with East European Missions Network. Estonia is located west of Russia on the Baltic Sea, and Finland is only a two-hour trip by ferry. 

Why eastern Europe instead of here in the U.S. or somewhere close like Mexico? In my research to find a mission’s trip, I learned that eastern Europe is in great need for the gospel. Due to its distance from the U.S., it's not often thought of as a viable option for many church mission trips.

Because Communism was a way of life for almost 80 years, three generations were raised to believe that God does not exist. Therefore, there is no older generation to teach the younger generation what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. The truth of the gospel. Even though the wall came down 27 years ago, there are still multitudes that have never heard the gospel.

I had forgotten my high school history lessons as I was amazed to learn that when the Nazis came into power, approximately 100 million people (non-Jews) were killed for standing up against this government. The first people to merely vanish were the highly-educated like lawyers, university professors and so on. Christians were next on the list of people who unexplainably disappeared for standing up to the Nazi regime; before long neighbors and family began turning each other in for being anti-Nazi. While this happened a few generations ago, fear and lack of trust still exist in the eastern European people.

Why am I going?
There is a great need to share the gospel to the young people throughout eastern Europe, and I want to be there to help teach and mentor them.

When am I going?
I will be leaving the great state of Minnesota on July 25 and return on August 12.

What will I do?
I will be on a team teaching two youth Bible camps. One camp will be in Tartu, located about a 90-minute drive to the Russian border. The other will be in Kuressaare, a village on an island in the Baltic Sea.

What do I hope to learn?
That is a great question! The spiritual answer is for me to say that I want to grow closer in my relationship with the Lord. And yes, that’s very true. However, I do believe that God wants to teach me to have a stronger faith and trust in Him, for me to be more dependent on Him and much less on myself. Another way to say it is, “more of Him and less of me.”

What are my prayer needs?

  • God would give my wife and me wisdom on how to best help our daughter with her on-going medical needs
  • God would continue to be at the center of our marriage (celebrating 21 years)
  • God would provide the finances needed to go on this trip
  • God would provide people who will pray for us

How does this fit in with my life plans?
You know that is another great question. Without really realizing it, I put my life plans on hold almost ten years ago so I could be more available to the numerous doctor appointments and homeschooling both kids. Now that my son is 16 and almost finished with his sophomore year of high school, I realized that school will be done for me in only two years too! I’ve learned a lot the second time around, and one thing is for sure, I still don’t like math! And it doesn’t like me.

Because of my love for writing, teaching, and youth I’ve decided to pursue my writing full-time. I am currently working on a faith-based book series for boys age 12 to 14. Finding a publisher who thinks I am as great as I think I am, will be another job.

How much financial support do I need?
The trip cost is $3,200

What will financial support provide?
Food, lodging, air and ground transportation and scholarships to help students attend the camps.

Join me on my journey!
Whether you can give financially or pray, be a part of my  Facebook Estonia Team support group,  Remember, prayer is just as powerful as being able to financially support any mission trip. I'll provide updates on my team's progress until our departure at the end of July. While in Estonia it's my hope to be online as much as possible to share what is happening instead of waiting until I return home. I will also take as many photos as possible and share them with you.

Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Patrick Wilson Champlin, MN Follow

$350 of $3,200

11 % Complete 4 donation(s)

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