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RealDeal Ministries International, Steve Deal CEO and Visionary RealDeal Ministries International
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We are Steve and Lennette Deal, visionaires and CEO of RealDeal Ministries International.  We pastored for 25 years, 11 of those years were in the inner city of Tampa raising up young leaders and adult leaders in a community voted the 5th worst place to raise your kids in the nation, a community that had a 95% dropout rate from High School. A community that just needed HOPE, PURPOSE, and DIRECTION.  A tool God directed us to use for the young leaders were those of the performing and creative arts. Through the use of all types of dance, acting, music, band, choir, piano, puppetry, and many creative art forms, we saw lives changed. We saw LEADERS arise. God began to speak to us that a move was coming and we began to seek Him for direction. This was a very hard move because we had become spiritual parents to so many, but we knew we had to be obedient.

As we left the inner city, the Lord spoke a city to us that we did not know...the first city in America...St. Augustine, FL.  But it was not the time for that city...We kept that city buried in our heart until God revealed to us the purpose of this burden.  The Lord took us on a new journey to Fort Mill, SC,  ministering outside of pastoring a congregation on a weekly basis. We did Life Groups in our home; Steve worked for Stop Hunger Now feeding up to 4 million orphans a year; and Lennette trained up a team of 60 children and young people in the arts and leadership skills, teaching them to change their world by taking every opportunity to introduce others to the love of Jesus. The arts were an amazing tool to attract others and share the hope within them. There God stretched us, taught us, broke us from old ways and molded us into something new so that we could fulfill what He had for us next in St Augustine FL.  We began to come back and forth, praying and seeking the Lord on what He had for us in this old city. Everytime he took us to Vilano Beach

After very clear directives from the Lord, we finally made it to St. Augustine. The Lord began to show us a Ministry Training Center because raising up leaders in the ways of the Lord and in ministry, whether it is behind a pulpit or in the marketplace, is our anointing.  For 3 years we have been believing God for a buidling on Vilano Beach, just minutes from the historic district, that would serve as a missions training base and sending center with enough space to accommodate 12 to 16 students,  2 to 4 leaders, and gatherings of 50 to 75 people in a home fellowship type setting. We have been leading 3 Life Giving Groups in our home a week. One of those Life Giving Groups are the ages of the students that will be in our Life Giving Training Center...the ages 18 to 30ish.  We run about 20 to 25 a week in that group, partnering with our church to meet a great need. These young people think we are teaching them...but they are teaching us. We have worked with this age for years...but this is a new day.

Although meeting once a week in our home is great and we have seen great growth, the training center would be a 4 month live-in program, 3 months in class and training and one month on outreach stateside our abroad with our network ministry partners.  We believe in partnering with what is already established and helping them to fulfill their visions by supplying helpers for a season.   Students will be allowed to stay after the outreach phase for a season while we try and help to place them across the city, state, US, and possibly the World in their anointings. There are so many small to medium size churches needing a worship leader, children's pastor, youth pastor etc and we would like to help meet that need by connecting students and helping them to find the right church family. Those called to the Marketplace, we will have workplace partners where they could shadow them for a season observiing marketpace ministry in action. 
The Property we have been  praying about Sold at the end of July 2019. The vision still stands. We will need property to house 12 to 16 students and a leadership team.  Continue to beleive with us as God reveals the exact location to fulfill the vision. Everything that size that we have looked at are over a million dollars. Daunting if you focus on it too long so we choose to focus on Jesus instead. 

We have had the privilege of being involved with and observing some of the best ministry training schools in the US and around the world. As amazing as they are, we continue to see a short fall once the school ends.  The young people learn the sense of family and community while in the school, so much so, that they tend to stay there in that environment, never leaving the safety of that community to fulfill their full destinies.  The environment is great, but the ministry does not have a place of ministry for that many students.  Therefore, some lay down those anointings while there are places around the world needing their gifts and callings.

Our heart is to train them not only in the Word, but in the practical. How do you write a resume?  How do you minister in the marketplace? How do you interview?  How do you create a sense of family and community wherever you go? How do you mentor others and raise up Timothy's?  As well as, helping them to master and fine tune their giftings and callings. Speakers would consist of community leaders, worldwide leaders, business men and women who are in the marketplace who are successful because the Lord directs their business decisions and the way they conduct business every day. This program will be  a great follow-up to schools like YWAM,  G42, and other faith based schools as an on-ramp to maybe a position (whether paid or volunteer) into your calling, an internship, or marketplace opportunity.  We can not guarantee these doors will open, but we can work to connect students with posibilities if they are willing to walk through a few doors as they open.

Phase 1 - Training Classes and Faith Courses (3 months)
Phase 2 - Outreach Phase (1 month)
Phase 3 - Placement (Up to a month if necessary)

We feel the Lord has given us a promise from Revelation 10:6
And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said, “There will be no more delay!

We have been asked why we can't find buildings for our vision that cost a lot less...BECAUSE 1.43 million is NOT A BIG DEAL to God and these two buildings meet the needs that we have to train and release the young adults of this age into their destiny. You can not put a price on a person's destiny. You may know someone that has the ability to also join hands and hearts with us and RealDeal Ministries International to help purchase these two buildings on Vilano. Share this vision.  Let them know that this is good ground. Let them know everything they give is tax deductible.  

You may ask, "What happens if these buildings sell before you are done raising the funds needed?". Good question!  
The realtor for this property on 136 and 140 lawn avenue is committed to helping us find a building or buildings on Vilano Beach in St. Augustine where we feel called to fulfill this vision. 

We (Steve and Lennette Deal) are missionaries to the city of St. Augustine. God called us here and would not allow us to raise all of our support before planting our feet on the ground.  Purchaing buildings of this size in order to house 12 to 16 students is a daunting task in the natural but we know that He will fulfill this call on our lives in His perfect time.  We need your help. We are asking you to pray and seek the Lord about what He may ask you to do to help this vision open wide.  We definitley need your prayers.  We are a 501c3 so any monetary gift is tax deductible.  We can not stop the flow of showings on this property, BUT God knows exactly what we need.  Thank you for your consideration. If it is ours NO ONE CAN TAKE IT FROM US.  If it sells, then we can't wait to see the buildings he has in store for us. This is His vision, not ours. We are Kingdom minded people and can not wait to partner with others. Money goes to RealDeal Ministries International account. 

All our love and appreciation,

Steve and Lennette Deal
(website is being transformed and updated at present)
(email us with any questions)
References available upon request

Let it Begin
March 12, 2019, 3:28 pm

We have waited 3 years to get agressive about going to the next level to see the Life Giving Ministry Training Center a reality.  In order to house as many people as the vision suggests, the buildings have to be significant.  We are asking you to pray with us and to share this wiht people that you know have a heart to see young people arise and fulfill their destinies and decide to follow God whereever he may lead.  Thank you. The amount is daunting in the natural, but not in the supernatural. God just might use you. 

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
RealDeal Ministries International, Steve Deal CEO and Visionary RealDeal Ministries International
Tax ID number: 27-3680299
St. Augustine, FL Follow

$400 of $1,000,000

0 % Complete 4 donation(s)
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