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Hello All!

As senior year is coming to a close I feel that God is leading me to serve the poor and oppressed in NYC. I have majored in intercultural and biblical studies for 4 years with aspirations of serving as a missionary to those who desperately need essentials of daily living and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of us have never had to worry about where our next meal is coming from or wonder where we are going to sleep for the night and yet there are thousands in NYC who do on a daily basis. 

From June 2019 - August 2019 (possibly longer) I will be working with the non-profit missions organization; Street Life Ministiries. During this time we will be ministering to the homeless, drug addicts, sex trafficking victims, and youth of New York City. These are some of the most overlooked people, and yet they are people who need care, love and support just like any of us!
On a weekly basis we will be ministering to the poor and homeless through prayer stations and a mobile service that provides food, clothing, blankets, hygeine kits and access to housing, employment and rehab programs. Twice a month we will have the opportunity to visit brothels in New York city to witness, build relationships and provide solutions for sex trafficking victims who are brought here from China and forced to sell their bodies for prostitution. We will also be engaging in outreach to the youth and children of NYC. In addition to this, each year Street Life Ministries takes 2 weeks to go to the streets of Brazil and serve the same way we do in New York. The goal of this ministry is to raise those from a desperate and dysfunctional position in life to a successful and stable lifestyle in Christ!

This missions trip will cost a total of $5,325. The first $2,925 of this will pay for the trip to Brazil and is due by May 20th. The other half will be covering living expenses, food and housing in NYC.  I would ask if you would please consider partnering with me to help make a difference in New York city and Brazil through your prayers and financial support? Every prayer and any amount that you can contribute is greatly appreciated and serves as an immense help! I am forever greatful for your support and for this opportunity God has provided.

Thankyou for considering partnering with me and Street Life ministries in upholding the cause of the poor and oppressed!

Emily Angelucci

If you would like to know more about Street Life Ministries visit:

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Campaign Created by:
Emily Angelucci Kingston, NH Follow

$1,251 of $2,900

43 % Complete 12 donation(s)
56 day(s) left

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