Welcome: May God bless each and every one of you.
I am open to any and all suggestions and need all the help I can get - as this is a team/church effort.
I had an idea to do the exact same thing that Joseph did in Egypt at the beginning of the Bible (when he saved up supplies for a 7 year famine that was approaching and fed the world for 7 years) except I want to feed people both spiritually and physically during the famine that Jesus talks about in Matthew 24. Jesus says, when the antichrist shows up, if we are in the field, not for us to turn back to get needed things from the house - just run. Then he says If we are on the roof, just run, do not turn back - just run. God once also told this same information to Lot’s wife to no avail. If people are to just run, then they will need things.

After much consulting with GOD, a sort of rest stop for Christians with the hopes of helping a few more people turn to Jesus was the plan. Until our time here is up, I plan to follow the example that Joseph laid in place for us in the Book of Genesis.

Because I have built houses before, I am capable in all the necessary skills needed. The idea is an off grid, tribulation ranch called “The Matthew 24 Ranch.” I already purchased a 5 acre property 3 weeks ago and uploaded a sattelitte photo of it - and I already have the deed. It is in the southwest Texas desert about 3.5 hours from the nearest home depot. That seems to be as far away from big cities as I could find.

I sold my car and bought a 4wd long-bed 8 clyinder truck to haul the supplies needed to build the ranch. I can build the place by myself in less than a year with the needed financial resources and the help of a few subject matter experts in solar, wind, septic, and water collection. Christians could actually use thousands of these tribulation ranches scattered across the globe. We already have churches scattered around the globe - but they can easily be raided and closed down by the Antichrist.

I cannot accomplish the task Joseph pulled off pulled off - as I do not have A Pharaoh for a boss. I cannot even accomplish this first tribulation ranch without GOD”S help and the help of my brothers and sisters in CHRIST because I’m just the guy who holds the hammer - but Jesus is the carpenter. 

The goal is to build 10 large rooms (each 12 by 16 feet for the main house). That square footage would supply about 14,000 gallons of rain water a year. As more people need help, I’m sure God will increase the seasonal rain water on the ranch - maybe even turn it into a small garden of eden or lush oasis. The plan was to include a kitchen, living room, bathroom, 6 extra bedrooms (to put bunkbeds in) for people to get rest, to recuperate from any injuries, and to get both spiritually and bodily refreshed. Additional out-houses may be built later and attached to the septic system. 

I plan to build a tremendous greenhouse and outside garden, a Barn, and chicken coop. I want to store supplies (where they wont be found to be taken away) like bibles, water, food, warm clothing, towels, blankets hats, gloves, boots, scarves, jackets, (because Jesus says in Matthew 24 “pray your flight be not in the winter”) and soap, toilet paper, shampoo, razor blades, scissors, backpacks, tents, deodorant, baby powder, and other toiletries.

I need a 130 grand to pull off a build like that which would include the taxes I will have to pay on that donation and the stripe fees. I do believe in miracles, and I do believe this is a necessary endeavor – otherwise it would not be in the bible as a teaching event at the begining - with a similar matching famine event on the way at the end of the Bible. If a thousand Christians gave $130.00 a piece, we could open the first Tribulation Ranch. I would go and begin the build as soon as the goal is reached. All ideas are welcome. Thank you all and may God bless every single one of you. I will also be needing a combination gardener/animal caretaker/minister to live on the property. The pay will be will free room and any food we grow or raise until Jesus returns - as I have no money to pay. If that sounds like a deal you cannot pass up - I'm all ears.