REACH ... neighbors and people in your community

SHARE ... the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

GROW ... the Kingdom of God

Power Up Club Exists to Equip Churches for Gospel Presence and Proclamation through Neighborhood Clubs

What is a Power Up Club?

A Power Up Club is an outreach designed to REACH your neighborhood or community, to SHARE the love of Jesus and the Gospel, and to GROW God’s Kingdom.
A Host Church sends a trained Team to the Club location. The Team runs an action-packed Club for kids. A Club typically runs 75-minutes, four days during the summer.
What happens during a Power Up Club?
A Power Up Team will implement a super fun, high-energy, outdoor Club for kids. The time will include skits, games, teaching, snacks, stories, more games, laughter and a lot of fun!
What age child should attend?
A Power Up Club is designed for elementary-age kids, however, Clubs are flexible and can include toddlers and teens. Parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy watching the fun and action too!
Who should attend?
All the kids in your Host’s neighborhood, friends, family, teammates, and classmates, and especially those who do not have a Church home. Of course, all your church kids should come too!
When and where are the Clubs?
Club times and locations are determined by the Host Church. A Power Up Club can be located in a Host’s front yard, a nearby park, or virtually anywhere! Kids do not need to be registered for a Club – just show up and join the fun. The Power Up Team and Host will be trained to adapt to any age and amount of kids at your Club.
What is a Host?
A Host is a family from your Church, who volunteers to host a Power Up Club in their front yard, a community park, or anywhere you choose. A Host’s primary responsibility is to INVITE! They also provide a few supplies. A Power Up Team will lead the Club.
What is a Team?
A Power Up Team typically consists of 7 people: a Captain, an Adult Leader, 5 Team Members (middle school-adult).

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