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Dear Friends / Family,

I am excited to share with you that I will be serving in Spain during Spring Break 2019! This mission trip, March 7-17, is provided by Liberty University through its LU Send office. I am ecstatic about this opportunity to serve the Lord and reach the people of Spain with the gospel!

As an LU student, I have unique opportunities to go travel on LU Send Trips, serve with the strategic partners of LU Serve, and discover key service projects in Spain. Much of this will be in Malaga, Spain on the southern coast where many of the key opportunities will be connected to the global refugee crisis happening there and the surrounding region. Currently, over 240,000 refugees and migrants are living in southern Spain with over 1,000,000 residing in the entirety of Spain. Many have never heard the gospel. Refugees come from lands where over 99 percent of the population has no access to a church that preaches the gospel in their language and culture. In the midst of the crisis, God is bringing many displaced peoples to countries where believers can freely share the gospel with them. This is a unique opportunity to minister to some of the least-reached people on earth and they are settling in one of the most beautiful and historic countries in the world. The overall cost for the trip is $2,850.

As God is calling me on this trip, I ask for support both financially and, most importantly, through prayer. One of my favorite quotes is one by the founder of my school, Dr. Jerry Falwell, “Nothing of Eternal Value is ever accomplished apart from prayer.” Please pray that God will use me to share the gospel with the people of Spain and that He will provide the means to accomplish it.

I have raised about $680 so far and still need $2,170. Please consider supporting me financially and join me in this exciting opportunity!

In Christ,
Mackenzie Johnson

Craig P MacKenzie

2019-01-10 17:31:20

We will be praying, Mackenzie!!!! - Peter, Katie, Elizabeth & Lucy

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Campaign Created by:
Mackenzie Johnson Green Cove Springs, FL Follow

$280 of $548

51 % Complete 6 donation(s)

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We will be praying, Mackenzie!!!! - Peter, Katie, Elizabeth & Lucy


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