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In August of 2019 Grace Bible Seminary, a member school of The Master's Academy International, will be hosting a conference in Singapore. This conference will bring pastors from the surrounding region (Cambodia, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.) for a week of intensive instruction and biblical training focusing on how to teach and exposit the Scriptures. Many of these pastors are bi-vocational and would be leaving their regular occupations to attend. Many are under persecution and are desparate to be equipped with the tools necessary to study and present the Word of God to their people and congregations.

The cost for each pastor to attend is $400, which covers all their expenses while attending the conference. The center has a capacity for 100 pastors to attend.  Currently, 40 slots have been funded. This is an opportunity for all believers to come alongside brothers in Christ who are hungry and desirous to know the truth and be trained to teach others in their home countries.

More on Grace Bible Seminary (Singapore)
Testimony of a Student: From Shaman to Shepherd
More on the Partnership Church (Singapore)
Who Are We in the Video?

Schedule Overview for 2019:
-Tue Aug 6 Conference Starts| Check-in @ 12:00
-Wed Aug 7 All-day conference
-Thur Aug 8 All-day conference
-Fri Aug 9 All-day conference
-Sat Aug 10 All-day conference
-Sun Aug 11 Worship Service + Fellowship
-Mon Aug 12 All-day conference
-Tues Aug 13 Conference End| Check-out @ 12:00

Conference Speakers:
-Roger Ng, Grace Bible Fellowship (Singapore)
-Jim Harmeling, Grace Bible Fellowship (Singapore)
-Bob Snyder, Countryside Bible Church (Michigan, USA)
-Aaron Darlington, Countryside Bible Church (Michigan, USA)

For more info, contact 

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Campaign Created by:
Countryside Bible Church hillsdale, MI Follow

$400 of $20,000

2 % Complete 3 donation(s)
12 day(s) left

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