Prayerfully Seeking God's Will in 2019

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December 31, 2018

Hi Everybody!

I'm praying that the Lord would abundantly bless you with a Prosperous & Happy 2019! The Christian Writers Cooperative's #1 GOAL in 2019 is to find the first 100 writers God has gifted & called to become members ASAP! If this describes you or someone you know, please visit and/or refer them to TODAY for our AMAZING MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS!




Update #3
January 8, 2019
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Humbled… the only response I have to today’s revelation that I am to blame for the Christian Writers Cooperative not meeting the goal of publishing our first book, "God Can...Give You A New Life!" by 1-1-2019. Even so, it’s my privilege to announce that God has given our book series a new name: "Jesus Can…"

You can read more about this name change and my great expectations for the New Year on our ‘remodeled’ website:

By faith, 2019 just keeps looking better & better!  Thank you for being a God of 2nd chances, Lord Jesus.


Update #2
December 2, 2018
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Sunday, December 2, 2018
30 Days until LAUNCH!

HI Everybody! I've moved what was once our MAIN STORY to this UPDATE page in order to post my testimony that I just completed! Hopepully, getting this SAMPLE TESTIMONY posted, combined with the NEW ad campaign for the FREE! "How to Write Your Testimony" Webinar on Wed, 12-5-2018 @ 2-3pm CT, will help us to reach our goal of having 110 high quality membership candidates by Dec 10, 2018. Please keep this business/ministry in your prayers and if God has gifted you or someone you know as a writer, I encourage you and/or them to apply, TODAY!  THANKS!  -Stephanie

PS  This is a link to the Writer/Member Application for the Christian Writers Cooperative. This link and more information about the Application Process can also be found on the website,

November 23, 2018

Hello Everyone!

     I hope you all had a Blessed & Delightful Thanksgiving Day! I sure did! I’m Stephanie Reynolds, founder of these 2 business/ministries that are now just 37 days away from launching on January 1, 2019! Time is FLYING!!! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 weeks since I closed my funding business in order to pursue my God-given, dream business of founding the Christian Writers Cooperative (CWC).

     This dramatic change of direction occurred on Oct 4, 2018, during the first day of 8 weekly business training classes that have been a HUGE blessing and great preparation for me! Near the end of that first 2.5 hour class, we were given this homework assignment: Answer - “What is the purpose of your business?” It seemed so first...because I knew the only purpose of my funding business was to fund what I felt called to do: Found the CWC in order to publish authentically Christian, inspirational books. However, closing my funding business that day, had grave consequences to my personal finances. Below, are just a few examples…

+ I sacrificed a $3000 commission after Jesus convicted me about not profiting from enslaving others to debt
+ Time and money I’d spent on my previous business became a loss rather than an investment, including:
   - Designing and publishing a business website
   - Designing and printing business cards
   - Purchasing online advertising
   - Using all of my savings & all I could borrow from family & friends to cover 6 months of startup expenses

     I also confess that I’m paying a high price for the financial foolishness of borrowing at a predatory rate in anticipation of that $3000 commission I won’t be getting. It’s been a painful, but valuable lesson that I’ll probably never forget. There was once a very popular poster that proclaimed, “Christians aren’t perfect, they’re forgiven.” I have sought & received Christ’s forgiveness for my financial foolishness. Like Peter, it’s my own failure that has given me the humility, compassion, and drive, to help others to achieve financial victory for God's Glory (Matthew 26:33-35, etc. and John 21). I now humbly ask your help to fulfill my calling to help those He has called to be mission-minded entrepreneurs. Will you please help us by pre-ordering one or more copies of our first book, God Can… Give You A New Life!, today? Please accept my deeply heartfelt words of thanksgiving for your help.  



Update #1
November 23, 2018
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For me, the most helpful exercise of my LaunchMKE Business Training Cohort (facilitated by the wonderful people at BizStarts!) has been the effort to perfect my 60 Second Elevator Pitch, for each weekly class. There was no class this Thursday because it was Thanksgiving Day, but here’s the Week 8 version I enjoyed writing, anyway!:

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I'm a Late Boomer. That’s a Christian Baby Boomer getting a LATE start on Proverbs 13:22, which says, we’re to “leave an inheritance for our children's children.” I don’t have 20 years to work for a company with great retirement benefits, if such a company existed, these days. I believe entrepreneurship is God’s answer to my need to catch-up financially. Therefore, on January 1, 2019, I’ll be launching 2 business/ministries. I'll fine tune the content of the 1st,, based upon my experiences launching my dream business, the Christian Writers Cooperative (CWC). You’ve probably heard of a well-known book series with a particular food in its name, right? They have 2 owners and 101 writers. The 100 owners of our "God Can..." series will write, edit, and promote every book. Selling 1/10 of the 20 million books ‘they’ average each year would provide each member with enough to fund their own dream business. It will also allow the CWC to repeat the process with 100 new members every 1-3 years! Please help us to launch this great work on 1-1-19, almost totally debt free, by pre-ordering our 1st book, "God Can...Give You A New Life," today!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

OK, this version clocks in at almost 90 seconds. But, I felt that those extra 30 seconds were essential to the purpose of this particular pitch: to assure you that funds from your book pre-order/donation will be used wisely.

         Thank you so much for reading this update, your prayers, and your donation,


PS  Did you guess who the name of the other "well-known series of books?" Please help our legal compliance efforts by entering your 'guess' using the CONTACT US form on We want to spread the word without infringing on  their trademark. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS, TOO!



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