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School of Worship and Transformation - YWAM Tokyo
God has called me
to proclaim His presence and Truth to the nations while on my DTS. During my DTS I would continuously receive visions, pictures and prophesy of me boldly proclaiming who God is with going out to the nations being emphasized. As I was on my DTS I know it was no coincidence that God lead me to an Intercession to Impact DTS where we were in prayer and worship almost daily, proclaiming, declaring and sharing the word of God, and seeing change by shifting atmospheres where ever we went. The School of Worship and Transformation is doing just that. We will be learning how to effectively host the presence of God through prayer and worship by being with Christ – building and living in intimacy with Christ, becoming like Christ – partnering with the Holy Spirit, removing any blockages, and for Christ – hosting His presence to bring transformation from the inside out, from our hearts, to the communities and to the nations. God spoke to me and made it clear that He has set apart this time for deeper inner healing to take place and a releasing the Holy Spirit in a radical new way, leading to an expression of worship. My goal is to take what I have learned and cultivated with Christ here in intimacy and to partner with Him to share His love and power to the nations bringing transformation towards Him!

Why Japan?
Japan is one of the largest unreached people groups in the world today, and the need for a savior and fulfillment is more evident as suicide rates climb higher, teenage prostitution emerges, increasing divorce rates, and growing social anxieties reveal despair and hopelessness, in the grip of materialism. I personally saw this in Japan and I could feel God’s heart breaking seeing the things I did, especially among the youth. Since God loves all His people and wants to make Himself known to all, I personally feel called shine and share the light of hope to a country that is so ready to receive it.  Here are some more prayer points on Japan:

Would you intercede for my journey?
I am reaching out to friends I have made in Japan and Korea and family back home, to ask them to pray for me, and to consider financially supporting me for the school.

What I need: Lecture Phase Fee’s: ¥910,000 this includes food, accommodation, tuition, as well as registration and cleaning fee. Due date: September 24, 2018.

If needed there is an option to pay for each lecture phase separately (¥450,000 each phase). All fees for each of the lecture phases must be paid by week four of that lecture phase.

Outreach Fee’s: We currently do not know the outreach countries, but the estimated cost is around ¥275,000 - ¥375,000 to be collected in the beginning of November. (One month before departure, Feb. 18. at the latest.)

Although these are big numbers due in what seems like a short amount of time, I know that this is no problem for God and that all the money ultimately is in HIS hands. I’ve learned personally that when He calls, He provides, just like when I came to my DTS with almost no money, God provided, and I believe He will do it again since it is His calling for me to be here! Having that said I still need a community to help support and stand by my side in this calling, through prayer, finances or whatever God moves your heart to do. As my family in Christ I want to ask you personally if you would take this leap of faith together with me for the sake of partnering with God’s will and ultimately to lift His name up.  I invite you as a family in Christ on this crazy journey with me and to see God work through myself, the people around me and Japan out of LOVE for Him.


Thank you so much for reading,



Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Isabella Villavicencio Fairfax Station, VA Follow

$0 of $11,450

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