November 3rd to the 7th of this year, I will be joining a team from Grace Capitol Church, Pembroke, NH, to bring resources, supplies and the love of God to the devistated people of Haiti.

As many of you know, Haiti was rocked by a 7.0 magnititude earthquake in 2010 leaving devistation and death in its wake. It is estimated that there is somewhere between 46,000 to 85,000 deaths related to that horrific quake.

Then in 2016 Haiti was pummled by a catagory 4 hurricane. The Haitian government assesed the death toll at 546, although other sources reported more than three times that figure. 

Needless to say the people that remain have been left heartbroken, confused and fearful.

We are responding to the cry in Haiti for thoes who feel lost and abandonded.

I will be part of a team that has reached out to a sister church/school in Haiti. Our goal is to come along side the precious people with support and comfort. We will be assisting at their school in various capacities along with imparting skills that will flourish and blossom long after we are gone. 

Please consider joining me in prayer and/or your financial support. Not everyone can step out of their busy lives for a few days and leave for another country, but by giving, you become part of the mission!! Thank You!!