Jane's Life Saving Trip to Boston

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There is a clinical trial through Massachusetts General Hospital's Eosinophilia Institute that has a 79% success rate with people who are even more ill than I am. If I can get to Boston, have a private place to stay and transportation to and from the facility there is a very good chance this treatment can save my life.

I was born with a birth defect that many attribute to my father's prolonged exposure to Agent Orange when he served in Vietnam. Although I have dealt with chronic illness my whole life and have lived far longer than doctors told my parents to expect, due to changes in health care laws in recent years, my doctors can no longer provide care. I have been told to go home and 'get my affairs in order' - prepare to die.

Through my personal research I found this clinical trial which has given me hope. However, three decades of medical bills have exhausted all my resources. I have lost my home, fully depleted my savings, my parents have gotten a second mortgage on their home and have drained their retirement accounts over the years - all to keep me alive.

Now I cling to hope that kind and generous people will help me get to Boston, have a place to stay and transportation to and from the facility. They close the trial next week, which is why this is so urgent! I have had two kidney transplants and seven years of dialysis, so I am not a candidate for traditional chemo therapy. This clinical trial is truly my "Hail Mary".

For a much more indepth look at my journey through chronic illness, look at this article I wrote last year. https://themighty.com/2017/10/chronic-illness-sick-truth-reality/ 

For more information about eosinophilia:


Update #1
August 27, 2018
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The great news: Jane is showing signs of improvement (kept food down 3 times today) and she has been accepted into the study. In fact, they want to keep her for at least 15 extra days and would prefer to have her in treatment for the whole month of September. That means she needs MONEY FAST to secure an Air BnB (much less expensive than the hotel). She has found a better deal on her rental car which will help her expenses, and the study provides two meals a day. 

PLEASE - if you can give, do. Share. Ask. This is urgent!


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