Hello! Oh! Thanks so much for blessing this ministry time to share Jesus! I'm so thankful for your love & support!

God is doing beautiful things and stirring hope for Amsterdam and Holland!

Many know of the red light district in Amsterdam and legalized prostitution.

Have you heard of the Butterfly District? It is a grassroots encouragement movement to give women hope in their current circumstances, to share the powerful love of Jesus, and to connect ministries, women in prostitution and individuals with each other for refreshing, resources and continued support.

Every one is a link in helping women come into the love of God and into their dreams and out of the red light windows. That's where the hope comes with the Butterfly District.

We've been sharing it for 7 years, and invitations are coming to keep sharing and mentoring others in their ideas to hello. It's quite inspiring!

Here's one favourite moment on the street...
And why we go.

Vanessa, a woman we met iin Amsterdam this spring, hugged us as we told her we cared about her dreams, believed in her, and wanted to pray for her. She told us, with happy tears, "please keep in with this, please keep on with the butterflies...."

Would you help sponsor ministry in this further? It makes such a difference.

The ideal is to visit again this year and continue to spread the vision, refresh frontline ministries and individuals serving. And to connect and mentor further with churches, ministries, coaches, and entrepreneurs who have a heart here.

Your sponsorship makes it possible! Would you be able to help contribute to the growth of the Butterfly District ministry?

And we keep making inroads! One butterfly, one encounter, every thing matters.

Looking forward to .Rejoicing more with you!
Blessings ~

"Call to Me and I will show you great and mighty things you do not expect!" Jeremiah 33:3