Hello friends and family! 
I am very excited that I will assisting in coordinating two short-term mission teams to Japan this summer as well as leading one of them. It is a great joy and privilege to serve the Japanese people again in this capacity! 
We are sixteen people in total, two teams of eight and we will be going to Tsukuba City and Toyama City. We will be helping a local church with different outreach and relationship building activities. Our team will be conducting English Day Camps for kids of all ages, cooking classes for young mothers, hobbies & crafts classes, and we will be playing pick-up sports with local youth of the community. We will also be home-staying with local Japanese families to share the love of Christ.
Although Japan is a wealthy country; fueled by its technological advancements, prolific research, and high quality electronics, it is an extremely spiritually needy country. It suffers from one of the highest suicide rates in the world – an estimated 35,000 per year! There is only less than 1% Christians in Japan. Statistics indicate that the family unit is breaking down. Fathers are often absent in children’s lives and mothers are over-worked and unappreciated. Moral standards are almost non-existent since Buddhism and Shintoism are merely tradition-based religions, not personalized faiths. The population is literally dying; they are an aging country battling to use tradition to keep the moral fabric of the nation from tearing apart. The list of problems facing the country goes on and on.
You may think that sixteen non-Japanese individuals could do very little against such overwhelming needs but the answer to the needs of Japan is Jesus! The Japanese church needs help; help to introduce Jesus to millions of people living life in so much hopelessness. Short-term mission teams provide a “spark” for Japanese local churches. There are many things a “gaijin” or foreigner can say or do, that the Japanese Christian would not be allowed or discouraged to do. Our goal is to be that spark; that catalyst that the local church needs.
Your prayer and financial support will help us make a small difference in the lives of Japanese individuals both within and outside of the church. The cost of the trip is $3,500. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.