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We are hoping to raise money in order to pay for a very expensive surgery for our very loved Chocolate Lab Hershey, she has injured her right hind knee (ACL) which will require surgery to repair.  She has been on pain pills to help with the pain since January and I've been trying to use different types of wraps and braces which have not helped her.  She has a limp and we can see she is in a lot of pain. 
With the large amount of medical bills that my husband has had since he had a heart attack recently and another issue just recently it leaves very little income for anything else.  He is retired and served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war. I am currently employed and my income covers our household expenses.
I really want to tell you about the love that we have for Hershey, she is truly everything to us.  I can't explain the love that she gives back, she gets so exciting when she hears me come in the door after work she'll pick up her favorite toy to give it to me.  When we are all three together and if either of us goes into Publix's she will whine and just stare at the door until either "daddy or mommy" comes out. 
When my husband was sick, she knew before we did. it was so strange because she would not leave his side she would not let me walk her without my husband coming with us, even though he could barely walk he had to go so she would go potty.  I couldn't figure out what was going on until my husband had his Doctors appointment with the Oncologist. Hershey knew before we did.

Wherever we go people will stop us and ask if they can pet her and remark what a beautiful girl she is, I honestly think Hershey can understand what we are talking about because she will just wag her tail even more and start to give her "Hershey Kisses"  LOL!!  What ever room we are in, she is there, and honestly at times she still thinks she is a lap dog, she will want to sit right on top of me!!
We have a 3 year old grandson and you could not ask for a better playmate than Hershey, she will let him roll cars and trucks up and down her and she will just lay there and wait until he is finished.

So, you can see we could not imagine a day without her in our lives, I know one day when she is older Yes, she will pass but that natural, but seeing her in pain and not having the means to help her it's heartbreaking, Please if you can Please donate to my cause to let Hershey have her surgery.  God Bless you!!

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Campaign Created by:
Marcia Barkan Orlandp, FL Follow

$40 of $4,500

1 % Complete 2 donation(s)

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