Hello friends and family! 

On February 11th-17th I am planning to help run what's called a 'FatherHeart A School' in Waco Texas. This is an opportunity for me to share what I've been learning for the past year and a half, especially at the FatherHeart School which I attended from September-December of this past year in New Zealand. I will be assisting Leonard Hays along with a few dear friends from my program, in a week long 'A School'. The goal of 'A Schools' is for people to experience the love of God the Father, often for the first time. Part of the week will be leading people into forgiving their fathers and mothers from their hearts, as well as asking their parents forgiveness for what they have done. This is part of the process of clearing things out of our hearts that prevent us from experiencing the love of God the Father. It's important, but truly the goal is to begin a life-long journey of being fathered by God.

Please consider supporting me financially and/or in prayer. Further details are provided below. I would love to answer any remaining questions you might have, regardless of whether or not you plan to support me.

My Experience

I first began to know what it means to be a son of God on a deep level when I was at Catch the Fire School of Ministry in Toronto from fall 2016 until summer 2017. I went there to learn more about the power of the Holy Spirit, and I did. What I didn't expect was the indescribable joy that it is to experience God's love for me as a Father. I'm moved to tears thinking about how He's showed me His love. It's the most meaningful thing in my life. The reality of knowing that I don't need to 'look out for number one' anymore, but that my Father is the author of my life, has brought life to the core of who I am. I truly believe in the transformative love of God as a Father, and that we can have a personal relationship with Him. I believe it because I've experienced it, and I'll never been the same. I didn't used to understand how people could call God 'daddy' or 'papa'. I saw Him as distant, and holy in a way that meant I couldn't get near Him (He is truly holy, but He welcomes us into His embrace). I have come to know in part the most profound and simple reality that God is our Father, and through His son Jesus, He welcomes us into His family. It is an honour to have an opportunity to share. 

What the Money Will be Used For

Since God spoke to me about going to Texas, a lot of the costs have already been covered. Flights and insurance have been covered. Accomodation is in the process of being covered. The remaining costs are the cost of the actual A School, which is $400 U.S., and includes food for lunch and dinner. Further costs are a remaining $100 U.S. which I'm hoping to raise to cover meals that aren't included, possible shuttle transportation from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to Waco, and any unforseen costs during the week. This amounts to $500 U.S. or about $620 CAN, total. 

Why Texas?

When I was in New Zealand, one day (October 22nd) I had the words 'Waco Texas' in my mind. I hadn't heard anything about Waco, other than I was fairly sure it was the name of an actual city in Texas. I asked my Texan friend what she knew about the city, and she said a few things, none of which seemed to be significant. I decided to write it down in my notes, and mostly stopped thinking about it. A few months later when I was back in Canada a friend sent me an invitation on Facebook to a FatherHeart A School in Waco Texas! I prayed about it afterwards, but I knew that this is what God had been speaking to me about a few months earlier. Waco is smaller than Dallas or Houston, and yet that's where they decided to run the A School. I contacted Leonard and asked him to pray about me assisting him on the team, and he did, afterwards saying yes! Since then God's been providing funds to make that happen, and this is the amount remaining ($620 CAN).