Dear Friends and Family,
          Just in case you don't know yet, I am extremely excited to say that this coming March (20th-30th) I will be going to Stuttgart, Germany for a mission trip! The group that we are working through while we are there is Kontakt Missions.  During our time in Germany, we will be attending a three-day conference that is going to have missionaries from all over the world.  At this conference, we will be helping out by being part of the staff/babysitting the kids, and we will also be able to attend the conference.  A majority of our trip is geared towards learning the culture of the area we are going to. Learning a culture in a foreign country is very important when doing mission work there.  Although we may already have our schedule set and hopes in mind, we still have a lot of work to do until we get there.  One way in which I am asking for help with is through donations.  If you feel called to donate, I would greatly appreciate it. If it might be easier, you may even commit to doing monthly donations leading up to the month of the trip.  The second way in which I am asking for help is through prayer. Prayer is just as important as donations during this trip. I am going to experience a lot of things that I haven't experienced before in my life and we are going to encounter many different people, and prayer would be greatly appreciated because of that. If you feel led to do either of these things, just know that I am incredibly grateful for that. 

With Love,

           Hannah Taylor

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For tax deductible donations, make check out to Central Christian College of the Bible and write “Germany” on the memo line. If my name is on the check, the gift cannot be a deductible gift. Send check to: 911 E Urbandale Drive #554  Moberly, MO 65270

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