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I. The Problem
This is a tough time to be a Christian. The culture wars are at a fevered pitch. In days past Americans could disagree without being disagreeable. A common statement was “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.
Unfortunately, those days are disappearing and nowhere is this more noticeable than recent attacks against Christians both here and abroad. Consider the following:

Recently in Houston Texas, Houston’s first gay mayor demanded copies of all sermons preached in Christian churches that mentioned homosexuality. She did not make the same request to Jewish synagogues or Muslim mosques.

In California, a mother put daily bible verses in her 9-year-old son’s lunchbox so he could read them during lunch. The principal discovered what was happening and ordered the mother to stop.
Recently in Sweden a pastor was sentenced to 30 days in jail for citing Bible verses that placed homosexuals in a negative light. No, the pastor did not advocate anybody do harm to homosexuals, he simply cited scripture. He landed in jail nevertheless.

In New Mexico, an employee in an office listened to a Spanish language Christian radio station during his lunch break. His boss made him switch to an English language Christian radio station so that his boss could monitor what was being said.

On television recently, an air force officer was retiring after years of distinguished service with the air force and he asked that his best friend, a civilian, speak at his retirement ceremony. The air force official in charge of the retirement party asked to read the speech the retiree’s friend was going to read. When the air force official saw that the speech contained three references to the word “God”, the official demanded they be removed. The elderly friend who was to give the speech refused since his friend, who was retiring, asked that they be included. As was captured on video and played on national television, three young and husky airmen jumped on stage as the retires friend begin to talk and drug him from the stage. This video is probably still available on YouTube.

II. The Solution
The Center will focus on:

1) Educating the public about currents threats to religious freedoms;

2) Educating the public about their legal rights in an easy-to-understand format;

3) In appropriate cases write “cease and desist” letters to the government or private agency that is infringing on the religious liberties of the client; and

4) Assist the public in letter writing campaigns directed against businesses or government agencies that are engaging in anti-Christian or anti-religious practices. These services will be provided in English and Spanish.
The Center will educate the public regarding threats to religious freedoms by dedicating a section of its website to blogs, Internet articles, videos and the like showing attacks on religious freedom from around the country and the world.

The Center will allow the public to send in e-mail complaints if they have been discriminated against. The Center will pick complaints that appear to have merit and will contact the complainant for more detailed information and then The Center will write a letter to the offending party a "cease and desist" letter to the offending party.  If need be, The Center can assist the client with a referral to local counsel to litigate the issue.

III. Our Need
The American Center for Religious Freedom is the only service of its kind in the world.  This is not a one time event but the beginning of a permanent legal organization that will exist for years to come, expand its services and and will protect the rights of Christians for generations to come.  Once the business is created and the web site set up The Center will be able to solicit regular donations.  But for now we need basic seed money to reach that point.  Any donations provided would be greatly appreciated.  Equally we would greatly appreciate it if you would share our story with friends and family through social media.  This is an investment in not just your religious rights, but your children's and grandchildren's as well.

Mark R. Evans

2018-07-31 20:40:22

God Bless you for work you are doing!


2018-06-01 19:47:04

God bless on your work

Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Frank Miller The American Center for Religious Freedom Albuquerque, NM Follow

$210 of $25,000

1 % Complete 4 donation(s)

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Mark R. Evans

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God Bless you for work you are doing!


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God bless on your work


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