My wonderful friend Casey with a beautiful 7 week old baby girl and 9 year old daughter, needs some help. About a week after giving birth Casey was hospitalized with complications post birth. After being cleared by the doctors, Casey went back to work at 6 weeks instead of the normal 12 weeks as she had no vacation/sick time and needed to pay bills. Last Friday she went to pick up her baby brother for her big brother's wedding and she found him dead. Needless to say, this was really hard on Casey. As of right now Casey is not working, she is really having an emotionally & financially difficult time with these hardships.
And then when she thought things couldn't get worse Casey sent me a text that someone has stolen her daughter's bike. At this point I asked a few friends on Facebook would they be willing to help get her daughter a new bike and helmet. The overwhelming response to help a friend to some & a stranger to others was nothing but impressive. Casey's fiance Marcus is not working due to having knee surgery. He will be out of work atleast 3 months! I have started this page to help Casey and her family with rent, utilities, food, toiletry items, Halloween costume for the girls, diapers, wipes, gas and maybe even Christmas (yes, it's only 3 months away). So in a time of sadness & confusion, I hope you will consider making a small donation to help my friend out.
Thank you so much!
XOXO Tammy