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From Vulnerable to Valuable

By Morgan
Morgan is a youth aged 24 .He came to know Christ  through the ministry of ZaYoMiNet in 2016. Here is his testimony:
" I was lured to join Islam. It's islams' theory that poverty is fertile soil for the advancement of their religion in most African countries Zambia Inclusive. They claim Zambian government has given them a space and conducive environment to do their outreach while masked in charitable works  hooking up massive into their religion . Youth are the most target group. They understand very well the zealousness of a youth once he runs with a challenge.   My need for education and other neccesities was the bait used to lure me into their religion .I was promised a better life but on one condition to be converted into Islam.Being blind with spiritual blindess I received it as a fortune and yet, little did I knew that doing so will put me into slavery of worshipping a dead person Muhammad .For five years I had no idea of what it means to have salvation through faith in Jesus Christ .I was told to be violent especially anyone called Christian. We were told anyone who holds different religion other than Islam is your enemy worth to kill. 
Now, it happened that I committed a crime and was jailed for one year. After coming out of jail I saw no Islam brother came to my help nor encourage me except Christians youth whom I regarded as my enemies  from ZaYoMinet used to. Now one  day I reached at the point of taking away my life for I considered myself worthless. Fortunately, ZaYoMinet was doing soul winning knocking on doors targeting the youth. They took courage to approach me.They shared the gospel of Jesus Christ in the gospel of John 8:32.'And ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free." Imagine ,I didn't just receive spiritual freedom in Christ and peace but also shocked to know the truth itself about the richness of the gospel compared to Quran.
Now I'm blessed and have abundant life in the Lord Jesus. I'm glad to be an ambassador to all people including the Moslem community. Though downcast by Moslem community yet I'm proud to be counted a child of God.

As I'm writing this testimony I publicly declare that I have no shame nor fear to witness for Christ to every one where ever I go. I will continue trusting Him alone My redeemer. I have put faith in Word. I pray that the ministry of  ZaYominet will be generously supported and continue advancing the kingdom of God and equipping christian leaders. I'm proud to be part of ZaYoMinet.
I thank God for sending ZaYoMinet team to bring me back into the family of God. I now believe the truth there is no better life outside Jesus Christ.
I call upon my fellow youth to be vigilant against the deadly religion of Islam and request for more apologetic trainings to enable us confront any false religion that enslaves people.

Zambia Youth Ministry Network (ZaYoMinet) is a non-denominational organization exists to train young christian workers, to evangelize and empower young people in Zambia,Africa.
On behalf of ZaYoMiNet I asking people like you to join us investing in the lives of youth workers who are able to change the world.We are raising $6000. We will appreciate your one time, monthly,quarterly, or yearly giving.
The funds will be used for the following eternal echoing programs
1.To reach teen agers and the training of youth workers with life changing message of Jesus Christ.To train peer advocates of peace and reconciliation amongst those involved in political violence.Sent as  ambassadors of God's love,righteousness and saving power to the lost community
In addition, to equip 500 with social media skills of evangelization in Copperbelt,Central,Muchinga and Lusaka provinces.
2. Penetrate unchurched youth and adults in rural areas with Jesus-Movie evangelistic tool conducting crusades.To establish rural and village servant leaders and coordinators to effect community and country impact through disciple-making and multiplication strategy.
3. To train and empower youth with micro-economic skills and projects for self-sustainability. Youth shall be skilled in food production reducing health diseases caused by hunger such as malnutrition .Health family equals health community and the world at large.

Investing in ZaYominet will cause you to enjoy many spiritual blessings and benefits.Your feet are beautiful !
When people like you join us training young people and sending mission team,you are direct part of the mission and the Great commission .Here is an exhortation from Romans 10:14 -15"How then shall they call upon Him whom they have not believe? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent ? as it written ,How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace,and bring glad tidings of good things !

"Cast thy bread upon waters,for thou shalt find it after many days " ( Ecclesiates 11:1 ) Investment at work ! Your giving is eternal investment and the LORD will rewards you one day.



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