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It is No Secret, that Addiction/Alcoholism rips through families, Lives, Communties...The World.

There is no shortage of Addiction/Alcoholism "\Treatments "Out there". Problem is: Most fail Miserably!
They rely, solely, on Psycho-babble, Peer-Therapy, Potent Medications (Just New Drugs and New problems), and New Science Treatment Models, We Provide a "spiritual answer"..While their methods might show some promise, Ours have withstood the supreme scientific test" over Time- They Work!

We can Change that! we have been Successful in Recovery, & Addiction/Alcoholism Treatment for over 27 years! We have No failures! That is a statement about the Grace of GOD, working through us, Not about us!

We have expanded our reach, and ability to serve Clients. The costs per Client are $2,000.00 per month. * This is the amount for each Client for: 30 days residence, food, staff, work, treatment, activities, Family events... and more. It costs The Recovery Company about $3,500.00 per month per client to serve them, and Get them On the path to Permanent Recovery! We find the funding to cover the gap.

We Need all of our brothers and sisters, to help here. $2,000 Total , That Saves a Life, Turns it around, Helps heal Families, and rebuild our Churches, and Communities! 
It is a small amount, but many addicts/alcoholics begin their recovery journey, with No Funds at all. Would you Bless them, by helping fund The Start of Their New Life?

You can follow the funds' usage and watch it change a life. Might be someone you know! ** We deposit these funds directly into a Client benefit Funding Account and All Money is used for that sole purpose!
This is a Working House, Client Must work, and give back. We insist on it!
Once funded All Become self-supporting!

Please inquire with us at
Call us 304-250-4447.

Then We ask you to do one last thing..... Pray about it! Seek God's Counsel, and Then Decide, if this is something you should do?

Message us and ask: "How You and Your Church can help us, help Them, and in return benefit ALL"?
We Look forward to hearing from you!

We are Moving along and Blessed. Here is an update!
July 26, 2017, 12:48 pm

Main Project at the Center-
Client funding Campaigns are started here on GiveSendgo!

We want to thank the donors and supporters, for all they have done so far.
We are getting closer. We still NEED financial donations, and here is an updated list of materials needed:
Electrical Wiring 1000’ 14/3 Romex , 1000’ 12/3 Rome, 300’ 10/3, 500’ 12/2

Wire Nuts. Wire Staples, Outlets, GFCI Outlets, 10 Junction boxes, 20 Light Switches

50- 2” x 4” x 8’  50- 2” x 6’ x 8’ Regular Pine Lumber

140 Sheets of ¼” or ⅜” Drywall 20-Sheets of Greenboard, Blueboard

12 Electrical Ceiling lamp fixtures 2 Outdoor Floodlamp Units

40 Joints-½” PVC Plumbing

40 Joints of CPVC 1 ½” Plumbing

3 Plastic Plumbing Cement, 2- Primer

300’ Slotted 3”-4” Drain Pipe, Flexible of Rigid will work

5 Ton Medium size Gravel

Any and All Tile, Backsplash, Flooring, Wall decorative Tiles

10 Sheets of Tile Backerboard

2 Bathtubs

2 Shower Stalls

3 Main Shower-Tubs Diverter

2 Lavatory Sinks

2 Kitchen Faucets w/ Sprayer

3 Lav Faucets

Any and All paints


Washer and Dryer

2 Boxes recessed lighting fixtures

Garbage disposal

10 Sheets OSB PDX Plywood

2 Exterior Doors

Pressure Treated Frame & Deck Lumber enough for 12’ x 20’ Deck & Bridge

4- Interior Luan doors

6- Adult Bunk Beds

10 Tall 5 Drawer Clothing Chests/Dressers

Electrical Breakers 15A. 20A, 30A  240V, 50A 240v, We will check on maker.

Woodburner- Pellet Stove

Field Stone, Large Stone for Fire Pit or Retaining Walls

Patio Pavers

20 Tubes of Caulk Silicone, Painters

Any and all interior Trim: Baseboard, Crown, 1/4Round, ….

Well Water Treatment & Pump system

Hot Water Tank Electric or Propane

We appreciate any and all donations. We will not refuse any! Call us for immediate Pick-Up and Your receipt. 304-250-4447 or message us through Facebook or our website @
We are going to make this happen. We are well on the way!!
We also need Licensed contractors willing to donate or give a pricing break.

We wish to Thank All those who already supported this work! Bless you All!

We are getting closer. We need you to share this post with your Congressman, County Officials, Governor...Newspaper, Press Blog, Family, Co-workers, Church, Group, Employers......

Join us as an Ad hoc Advisory Board Member, The 1st Meeting will be this coming week! Get Your group together and Volunteer.

We Need 1-$5,000.00 donor, to take the slot to give this facility a name.

*We can only offer this one-time, for the obvious reason.

If we do not get a single donor, we will ask all of the donors on this fundraiser, and those who have given directly to come up with a name for the Center. That will be posted on Facebook and You folks can help choose it!Thank you! This will make a difference in the area, and hopefully, change the failed paradigm of treatment of Addiction/Alcoholism in a "wave-effect".

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Campaign Created by:
ULC Fairmont Fairmont, WV Follow

$0 of $2,000

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