The time is growing nearer each day for our departure to Nicaragua on August 14. Our team has been meeting weekly to grow in our commitment to our mission with several churches in Esteli, Nicaragua. Pictured on the gallery page are the pastors of the eight churches our church has been working directly with for the past three years. We will be in four of their churches during our stay, helping in many different ways. 

Great things must be in store for us in Esteli because the Evil One has been working overtime with trying to put roadblocks to my going. In the past two months I have undergone three different surgeries and the healing process will need to stay on track in order for the doctors to release me to go. Please pray about this!

We are still short of our goal for funds...and I'm not good about asking for money for personal support. But I really do believe strongly in our calling and the work we will be doing. If you would partner with us with your financial help, we would be totally grateful. Thank you in advance for your gifts and keeping us in your prayers..