God bless you all. Please help me in meeting my goal for this year's trip to Dominican Republic this November 17th-28th 2017. A little about me: I am a messianic jew, I am 30 years old, married 10 years, with 2 wonderful children, homemaker, the Lord has called me to play the Shofar which He has provided, & He has also called me into missionary work. As Jesus's love transforms us we are compelled to share His healing, & love with our neighbors, the poor, the wounded, the sick at home & around the world. The Lord has declared missionary work is the responsibility of all who follow Him. When we experience the blessings of the living gospel, we naturally want to share those blessings with others. The Lord spoke of the joy that comes into our lives when we share His word. Funds raised will be used to provide for the Dominican Republic Families. In our daily lives we get caught up in how fortunate we really are, in other countrys sometimes they have nothing at all. Imagine not being able to feed, provide for your family & little children. Things as simple as a plate of food or a pair of shoes or a glass of water are not possible for some of these people. Whatever donation you can give will bring me one step closer to the goal in helping these people. Let the Lord guide you in your offering. Always remember He loves a joyful giver. All donations are greatly appreciated. Love you, God bless, & thank you.
-Sara Manzano