The Mikulski Family has had an unbelievable string of events happen to them that would challengeany person's faith. Emily (36 years old) wasdiagnosed with a brain tumor in January of 2016. During her first of 3 surgeries atttempting to remove said tumor, she suffered a stroke which left her temporarily paralyzed on her left side. SHe was hospitalized and went through months of therapy to regain her mobility. She suffered short-term memory loss and still has some moments of numbness on her left side. She has had 2 additional surgeries but she is left with tumor remaining. She is now in her 4th month of a 12 month chemotherapy plan in hopes to stunt the growth or reduce the tumor.
Emily has not worked in almost a year.
​     David is a type 2 diabetic and has been working 2 jobs and is driving for UBER part-time. He caught pneumonia in December and recently spent time in the hospital and is wearing a life vest (mobile defibulator) so he could return to work.
​     Their 14 year old daughter Kaitlyn is 14 and a freshman in high school. She is a highly talented vocalist and tries to be involved in many various organizations including community service groups such as civitan and volunteers with the Masons of Florida! She has taken a huge jump in maturity before most people her age in that she has helped take care ofher mother during her recovery process and on-going. She has had to pass up participating in some events at high school because the family simply could not afford to allow her to do so.
​     All 3 are a part of the South Daytona Baptist Church and all sing in the GOOD NEWS CHOIR! They continue, even through their financial hardship, continue to find ways to help others by volunteering their time, efforts, and sometimes even by giving cash they really cant afford to give!
​     With the loss of Emily's income, along with additional monthly obligations due to medical bills, the family is struggling to meet their monthly financial responsibilities. Emily has filed for temporary Disability, but has been told that she has an 18-24 month wait to receive a hearing from the state to determine eligibility. They have reprentation through Morgan and Morgan of Orlando, but they have also told Emily there is no way to rush the process.
​     If able, please consider donating to this family to help them meet their obligations, allow them to continue to receive the medications they need, and relieve the tremendous stress that they have been dealing with for over 16 months now. Be assured, once this family receives the well-deserved disability,or whenever Emily is able to return towork, they will continue to pay-forward all of the blessings and gifts they have and will receive. They are the peoplewho are normally the givers without the expectation of reciprocity. Now, their firtune has turned and they are on theside of need verses the side of giving! Thank you for your consideration, and God Bless you for anything that can be done to help such wonderfulpeople!