In January 2016, I went through a missionary school called DTS, at the Youth With A Mission, (YWAM) base in Lakeside, Montana. 

YWAM's mission is to know God and to make him known. And throughout my five month Discipleship Training School (DTS), I got to know more about God and who He is and got to help spread that knowledge around Ukraine! 

During my three month lecture phase we went through different topics every week which included hearing God's voice, the father heart of God, and the importance of missions. These three months gave me a greater understanding of God's love, power, and desire for relationship with His creation!

After my lecture phase, our team of 11 missionaries travelled to Ukraine to spread the Gospel. Through our two months there, we worked with refugee orphans, youth groups, and English clubs and did whatever we could do to further His kingdom and spread His love.

During my DTS, I could feel God calling me to a life of missions. So, I'm excited to announce that I will be moving back to Lakeside in January 2017! This time around I will be staffing the school, which means I will be leading small groups, one on one personal sessions with students, Bible teaching and I will have the privilege of leading teams overseas to spread the Good News.

I'm asking whoever reads this to prayerfully consider teaming with me at this time and providing help with my finances. Beginning in January, in order to meet the financial requirements for my dorm rent, utilites, and food, I will need $650 a month. Any monthly donation will help me greatly in furthering this calling to spread God's love and God's Word around the world! 

This new adventure will take me to new foreign countries, help lead people to Jesus, and share the Salvation message! Nothing excites me more than having the oppurtunity to be a reflection of Jesus and I'd really appreciate your help to fulfill this passion in extending His invitation of Eternal Life!