Due to my own personal finances and life changing experience throughout this year, I have decided to do something I've been passionate about for a long time. Even though the amount listed is a not quite enough, I feel that it's a good start, and 10% will be given back to this Christian network. 

​Need help raising money to share invaluable information, activities for the community's health, and tips for living well. Including Home and Personal Awareness, Safety, and Defense. Keeping our Community Safer in which We Live. Goal is to reach the high need and demand for these areas thru Outreach by Booking Seminars & Workshops for all that need it. TAPRA (Think, Aware, Prepare, Ready, Apply).

Although self-protection is a personal choice many times being aware is not enough. The decisions that we make in our everyday life can make a difference. Unfortunately, life threatening situations come without warning. Being able to protect oneself is one of the most empowering things that you can do. Defensive training with properly trained instructors help people prepare themselves and gain invaluable experience and setting verbal and physical boundaries under extreme conditions, escape from would-be attackers, and to break out of the normal "freeze response" to take effective action when being attacked. Whether being passive or active in a life-or-death situation only leaves us with one option.. coming out alive. Be a survivor and and not a victim.

For those willing to donate $40 or more, will recieve once finished and completed a DVD of "Best of my Dojo" Self-Defense and Fitness of Twin Impact.
-Thank you for your willingness to help a great cause. God Bless in the name above all names Jesus Christ, Amen!